Unboxing Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron – Bravo Charlie’s Episode 59

Unboxing Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron – Bravo Charlie’s Episode 59

Decide for yourself but after trying several boxes and cooking many meals, Hello Fresh is by far the best choice for these convenient dinner boxes. If you schedule is tight but you want to eat right … Hello Fresh is something you should check out.



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  1. I can see why Hello Fresh packaging is better, but I have had problems trying to fit 3 shoe box sized boxes in my fridge with my other stuff. That is why I actually like Blue Aprons way better; you can also put the items like the veggies in their correct drawer in your fridge.

  2. I know you posted this awhile ago but I recently started getting a box called Home Chef I really enjoy it! It has more options! Breakfast, smoothie and fruit basket add ons. After watching your review I am nervous because I recently ordered hello fresh and blue apron to try out. But I definitely recommend Home Chef so far

  3. You're exactly right. I got blue apron and hello fresh and I had to throw out several meals from blue apron because of taste. Hello fresh all the meals I've had were good. Hello fresh was a lot better.

  4. further i will say that your site by far is the best. most people that post are women who just want to hear themselves TALK. REPEAT REPEAT but nothing really to say. annoying. u r quite different and i enjoyed your daughter's music.

  5. nice review. i have tried both and i agree with you completely! can't beat that organization, and recipes are very tasty, small portions but that's a good thing. i think a desert option would be nice. thanks charlie, two thumbs up!

  6. Thank you for posting. I was going to give Hello Fresh a try, just out of curiosity, but after seeing your video, I think I will pass. While I do like the the separate meal boxes very much, I do not like HF packaging, the fact that produce was not wrapped at all, or the comparatively few and very average ingredients. The recipes shown here are nothing like the amazing meals I have enjoyed with Blue Apron so far. Both companies have good points, I guess whatever works for each person. For me, I would rather get two small containers and do a quick 5 minute separation of ingredients once a week, to keep the more gourmet menu of Blue Apron. Enjoyed the video, thank you.

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