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Thanks for stopping by Tiara Everyday, I hope you enjoyed my video! I wanted to make a review video about Blue Apron in hopes of educating my subscribers so that you guys can see the pros and cons of this service and decide if this is something that would work for you and your family

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Here’s my formal review of Blue Apron: This video is NOT sponsored, these are my own personal views, I am not getting paid by Blue Apron.

The delivery: It arrives once a week via Fedex, left at my front door with no signature required.

The Packaging: The food is kept cool with aluminum packaging inside the box which has dry ice packs. The actual box is really colorful and inviting, has a lot of tips and friendly messages all over it.

Unboxing: Each box contains recipe cards with step by step directions, the directions are very clear and have matching photos which helps guide you along the way. The photos help you understand how each step should look.

The Pros:
Blue Apron is a friendly unique service, very easy to order at, the meals are pretty healthy and look good. You can cancel at anytime, no need to feel obligated to a membership.
All of the messages and the packaging makes me feel special, someone took the time to put everything together for me?! lol
The directions are very detailed, it makes everything very simple and fun. Blue Apron is a great idea for kids learning to cook, a date night activity, busy moms and dads can use this service as well as a terrible cook who need to build confidence in the kitchen. All of the food is already measured out for you so that can save time and error. I love that you get email notifications once your meal is on the way and once it has been delivered.

The cons:
The price is not the best per serving service, if I go to the grocery store I can get these things myself and the meal would be much cheaper. Also I find that the prep time is a little longer than what is listed on the recipe card and the portion sizes are small.
some of the items, flavors are a little strange; the dressing and some seasoning packages.
You can look up these same meals on pintrest and put them together on your own with just a little effort but you’ll save some money.
Due to Fedex not requiring signature someone may see the box sitting on your porch from the street and steal your


Blue Apron Unboxing #16

SUBSCRIBE: I’m trying out the Blue Apron subscription meal delivery service. I unbox the fresh ingredients in this video and cook the meals in separate videos. This box contains two recipes: Seared Chicken Thighs with Kumquats, Spiced Rice & Lentils. The second recipe is Bucatini Bolognese with Bucatini Bolognese with Brussels Sprouts & Pecorino Cheese.


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Pork Chops w/ Warm Beet Salad | Blue Apron

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Today we’re making center-cut pork chops with a warm beet, arugula, and walnut salad.

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Blue Apron Crispy Salmon Recipe – DIY Delicious Dinner

Blue Apron Crispy Salmon Recipe – DIY Delicious Dinner.

Blue Apron:

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