I rarely cook and if I do it’s a simple dish because I’m an amateur in the kitchen. Occasionally, I want to switch up my routine so I signed up for a one-time delivery of meal service kit Blue Apron to see if I could manage the meal the prep for dinner. I’m walking you though the process from opening the Blue Apron box to plating the dish and giving you my honest feedback on the degree of difficulty, ingredients and flavor.

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Breakdown And Review of 6 Meal Delivery Subscription Services. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and More

Delivery meals make life easier. Lost 30 lbs since January using Meal subscriptions and healthy snack delivery!

Hello Fresh Get $40 off your first box-

Blue Apron- No discount code.

Home Chef- $30 off your first box –

Green Chef- Get first 4 meals free so you will only pay for 2 meals in your first box

Martha & Marley Spoon- No Discount code

Sun Basket- Link gets you 3 free meals so your first box will be half price.


Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron vs. Home Chef | LEIGHA | LYLAS

Meal Delivery Services are popping up everywhere! With so many to choose from, how do you decide which one is best for you and your family? Watch Leigha discuss and rank three popular services that she tried first hand.


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Is Blue Apron A Broken IPO? Probably :(

The deal is broken. Blue Apron tried to IPO at $15-17, but it priced at $10, now the stock is at $8. Surprisingly, it isn’t only because of the Amazon+Whole Foods deal that Blue Apron is struggling. The company has its own problems to deal with (slowing growth, customer turnover, meal-kit competition, etc) that do not seem easy to overcome. Additionally, because of pricing its IPO at $10, Blue Apron only raised $300M, just enough cash to last 4-5 quarters. What will the company do next?

LINK – Original pre-IPO HyperChange Blue Apron analysis:
LINK – Blue Apron investor relations website (with company financials):
LINK – Blue Apron S-1 IPO filing:

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Disclaimer: This video is purely my opinion and should not be regarded as factual information. I am not a financial advisor. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Do not assume any facts and numbers in this video are accurate. Always do your own due diligence.


Handpick Meal Kits ~ Compare to Blue Apron & HelloFresh~

Please check out Handpick at their website here:

This week I was fortunate enough to be able to try the new Handpick meal kit box from They are similar to some of the other meal boxes you may be familiar with, such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. In this video I am going to make all the meals contained in the kit and share my experience with you.

The food was super fresh and delicious and of the highest quality. The recipe cards were simple, beautiful and detailed. We really enjoyed this box and if you are interested, we encourage you to check their website out. The boxes are currently only available in California, but they are going to be rolling out nationwide distribution soon. You won’t want to miss that!

There is no obligation to subscribe. You get to choose from a list of great menus and get the ingredients delivered to your door and you are ready to go! They do the shopping and meal planning for you. This would be an excellent gift idea for so many occasions! For the couple who presumably has everything, the older parents who don’t want anymore stuff, but still have to eat and enjoy cooking, how about the newly weds who have returned from their honeymoon to an empty fridge or your best friend who is returning from a couple of weeks out of town on business and will be too tired to do any type of shopping upon her return? These are great opportunities to share a great meal with a friend or family member!

The kits are affordable and you can choose what you want so you know that you are going to enjoy what is coming in that box.

I hope you give them a look and if you are interested I hope you try them out! We really enjoyed what they sent us.

Thank you to Handpick for sharing your box with us and sponsoring this video! All the opinions contained herein are those of myself and my husband are are accurate and honest.

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Smoky Pork Burgers | Blue Apron | Cooking & Review

SUBSCRIBE: Using a recipe from the Blue Apron Meal Delivery service, I cook Smoky Pork Burgers with Cauliflower, Pepper & Potato Salad for dinner. I’ll give a review and tell you what I think.

Prep Time: about 15 minutes
Cook Time: 35-45 minutes

1⅛ Pounds Ground Pork
4 Sesame Seed Buns
1 Oz Roasted Piquillo Peppers
2 Cloves Garlic
2 Oz Arugula
1 Head Cauliflower
1 lb Russet Potatoes
1 Large Bunch Parsley
3 Tbsp Almonds
1 Tbsp Sherry Vinegar
¼ Cup Mayonnaise
1½ Tbsp Smoky Spice Blend (Smoked Paprika, Sweet Paprika, Mustard Powder, Garlic Powder & Onion Powder)


Welcome to my Mr. B Cooks Youtube cooking channel! I’ll be cooking quick and easy recipes for the whole family to enjoy! On this cooking show, you’ll see one pan / one pot meals, kid friendly recipes and slow cooker / crock pot recipes. I even throw in some Christmas and Thanksgiving meals to help you plan your holiday menu. Whether you are just looking for a simple recipe or a beginner wanting to learn to cook and need tutorials, I’ve got you covered! Feel free to give me requests of your favorite homemade foods and recipes!

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