1. Can't believe someone is already complaining about this being a sponsored video. I personally love watching Hello Fresh videos and honestly, good for you getting these sponsorships! I know you are a full-time working single mom, so kudos to you for having an awesome side job that's making you additional income. I love your videos regardless if they are sponsored or not

  2. You don’t post regularly so when some of us see a notification that you have uploaded a video so we get excited only to find out you have jumped on the Hello Fresh YouTube Wagon that’s dropping by each channel everyday. Sorry but I have heard enough about Hello Fresh and why would you pay that enormous amount of money to have a box of food dropped off at your door that you still have to cook once you unpack it all that makes no sense to me. You still have to cook and mess up dishes and then clean it all up. You get your meals free and I think that’s Great I am happy for you but I don’t watch YouTube for sponsored products that people are trying to sale or give me a code for. If you uploaded regularly this would be ok but hey it’s been forever and when you finally do upload it’s a freakin hello fresh food sponsored commercial.

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