HelloFresh Family Box Review by a Frugal Girl | Is a Meal Delivery Service Worth It?

Is the HelloFresh meal delivery service worth the $ cost? What are the benefits of the HelloFresh meal delivery kit? Use PROMO CODE: PENNIES30 to save $30! http://bit.ly/2x1UxBk (sponsored video) I’m going to show you 3 surprising ways it SAVES you money on food! In this HelloFresh review I am walking you through the entire process with the view of a frugal girl!

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  1. I've tried several of these delivery boxes Hello Fresh was my least favorite but that was months ago. We liked Home Chief the best and did it for several months. I have a couple $50 off for them if you want to compare.

  2. When it comes right down to it, it's gonna be worth the time and convenience for some people and not for others. It's definitely not something most people could do every single night, but occasionally some could! The only one who can decide is the person actually spending the money. True, you can easily spend $20 to $25 at any fast food joint, Chic Fil A, Arby's.

  3. I am not good at meal planning, hate to cook and my kids are tired of the same old thing so we end up picking up fast food or eating out which gets very expensive. I have been thinking about trying this meal service for a while now. I think in my case I could possibly save money and I know it would be much healthier. What meal plan did you choose? Thanks for doing this video!

  4. I just started using Hello Fresh, I'm on my second week now. I decided to sign up cause I was tired of eating/cooking the same stuff and me and the hubby always like trying out new foods. My conclusion so far is that it's convenient cause I don't have meal plan as much and it's quick and easy but it's a bit pricey and it's almost not enough food.

  5. I tried this and I wanted to LOVE it but in reality I didn’t. I liked it I guess, my ice pack was busted and all my meat packages were covered in gel which I emailed them about and they did credit my account with no hassle so that part was nice but still, it’s supposed to take all the inconvenience out of cooking and I spent 30 minutes cleaning everything up as soon as I opened my package. I also was most excited about getting an apron (small and pointless, I know) but they only send those to people they representing their product 🙁 bummer!! I think they definitely send the prettiest packages to people they have reviewing their products like in this video

  6. I don’t know if I would want to spend the money on this because I like to cook from scratch as it is and try to save as much as possible but if I got it as a gift I think I would totally love it. And like you said this is definitely something you would want to have on hand if you come home from vacation and not want to get takeout it would be a great option to have on hand.

  7. Love the idea of giving as a gift! For a new wife or new mom or maybe even someone that's never cooked before and just lost their spouse?? Many men could follow those directions! And yes it's more expensive but for a once in a while treat it definitely would be no different or cheaper then eating out…taste way better and healthier too! I love the idea of trying something I have never had/made before too!

  8. seems anti your basic message but promo …. weird to me.. even if nz we have boxes like this and it does NOT work out cheaper. I follow you for tips and advice. … just confusing really

  9. I've had such a horrible experience with HelloFresh… to me is one of those "would love to love it" kind of situation. My best friend loves it and recommended it to me, but my box came looking like it had beeb through war… ripped, dirty , my daughter asked if somebody drove over it 🙁 my produce was bad… brown herbs and green leafs that went straight to the trash. I keep wanting to give them another try, because they do send more food than blue apron, but I hate throwing food away and I am afraid it would be the same as the first time 😖

  10. I think meal subscriptions are a want or luxury, not a necessity. They are expensive and you'll get more (making specific meals multiple times) meals buy going grocery shopping instead. It may be ok for once or twice out of the month, or if you are going to be extremely busy for a few days or weeks and cannot block out time to shop. In the times you need conviency and time savers, this would be an option if you can afford it. I definitely would not see this being beneficial for the average working person or family, for more than half of the monthly meals. I would say these subscriptions are for people who have the money to consistently spend on their food, well off single person(s), successful business owners (who do better financially than the average business owner), or very busy people who do not have the time to grocery shop and cook. Those who do better financially each month than the average person of family and who have the luxury to afford this as a service. I do like naturebox because you get healthy full sized snacks each month or how ever often you want, and they are much more affordable compared to meal plan subscriptions. Graze is good too. I guess it's all about where you choose to spend your money and what lifestyle you have, but I would not recommend this kind of service to become a part of a family's lifestyle unless they can comfortably afford the cost.

  11. I haven't tried hello fresh but I've tried blue apron. It was fun and delicious. It's expensive so it's not for all the time. But for a busy week or to feel like you're eating out its great and it made cooking fun! Thanks for this!

  12. I do it once a month. And have it delivered on Thursday so we have dinner for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So spending $60 for 3 meals or we usually go out on Fridays and spend at least $40 and maybe takeout on Sunday lunch. So it's a nice treat and I feel like we save money. Plus my husband and I cook them together with is a bonding moment ( as long as he does everything my way ) lol

  13. I really like hello fresh. I tend to get a box maybe 4 times a year and I have given it as a gift for people before. It is a little pricey but you get really good quality food and when I'm in a meal planning rut I can try new meals and then recreate them cheaper later if we enjoyed them.

  14. i really like this idea! definitely not all the time but a good way to help get out of a meal rut when it seems like your eating the same all the time also right after a baby this would have been amazing!

  15. The sound is messed up on this video, so I can't watch your conclusion, but I REALLY hope you're going to say it's not worth the price! You can get these recipes for free and buy the ingredients MUCH cheaper! I'm a little disappointed, you always seem so frugal.

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