See How This Startup is Changing Online Grocery Shopping | Boxed on the Today Show

Watch Boxed CEO Chieh Huang being interviewed by The Today Show’s Morgan Radford. See how we’re changing how millennials shop wholesale groceries online while also caring for our community.

Not only does Chieh make grocery shopping online easy and stress free, he works hard to make sure his employees are happy. He is a boss that cares just as much about what goes into the box as the people who pack them. Boxed pays up to $20,000 for employees weddings and pays full college tuition for children of any employee.

Learn to conduct bulk shopping online with a fast delivery. Buy wholesale groceries online like bulk snacks, beverages, and office and cleaning supplies. Boxed is like a warehouse in your pocket, designed for people who don’t have time to shop for good deals. Buy bulk right from your phone and get bulk delivered to your door.

Why shop Boxed for wholesale products?
No membership fee
Grocery delivery service, most products ship for free
Don’t have to spend hours in a store
Most orders arrive within 2 business days
Save money, time, and gas
Earn cash rewards

Boxed curates wholesale products you need and love. Start bulk shopping online today:

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